How GCA’s New ELA Assesslets Can Support Your Students’ Learning

New ELA Mastery Assesslet

Discover the new Grade 3 English Language Arts / Reading Comprehension Mastery Assesslet

New Math Mastery Assesslet

Announcing the latest addition to our suite of Assesslets for fall 2018

District and School Connect

GCA's teaching and learning platform

District and School Connect

District and School Connect is a comprehensive educational platform designed to meet the instructional and assessment needs of school and districts across the nation.


GCA’s Assesslets are formative tools that provide information on how well students understand concepts and are able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a particular content area or domain.

Professional Learning

Our professional learning services are customized to your needs. We offer flexible delivery options.

Item and Assessment Development

GCA can evaluate and enhance your current assessments as well as develop new test items or test forms to support classroom instruction and student learning.

Assessment Audit

The Assessment Audit offers tools and resources to help you determine whether your assessment system is in balance.

Scoring and Reporting

We provide customized scoring services to schools and districts, including large scale high stakes assessments, not just in Georgia, but across the country.

Psychometric Consulting

The Georgia Center for Assessment has a long-standing history offering applied psychometric services to its customers.


Explore our variety of downloadable content, which includes presentations and classroom instructional graphics.

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