Changes to Georgia Assessment Standards: Senate Bill 211 and Partnerships with GCA

On April 27, 2017, the Georgia State Legislature passed Senate Bill 211, which was designed to address assessment standards in Georgia, from kindergarten through high school. SB211 provides significant changes for how local school districts will be able to assess student performance. The bill establishes assessment standards as well as options for assessment.

These changes offer new opportunities to improve student learning and achievement and the Georgia Center for Assessment (GCA) is here to help!

Things to consider:

  • The State Board of Education will adopt a school readiness assessment for incoming first grade students.
  • School districts will administer formative assessments, with a summative component, in English language arts/reading and mathematics in grades 1-2.
  • EOG assessments will be administered in English language arts/reading and mathematics in grades 3-8, and science and social studies EOG assessments in grades 5 & 8.
  • This bill encourages school districts to develop their own program of multiple formative assessments.

The full text of Senate Bill 211 can be found here.

How can GCA partner with you?

By partnering with GCA we can help consider the changes offered by SB211 and provide a comprehensive solution to assist in making the best decisions for your students.

Assessment Audit: An Assessment Audit with GCA offers tools and resources to help you determine whether your assessment system is in balance. If you already have your own assessments in place, we can provide a customized evaluation of the status of your district, school, and classroom assessments and ensure your students are being assessed on an informed and balanced assessment program.

Item and Assessment Development: We can partner with your district or school to help you build a formative assessment system aligned to national and state standards. Let GCA develop high-quality, rigorous assessment items and assessments that will guide your instructional practice and improve student achievement. We work with our clients to evaluate the quality of their assessments or assessment system. A well-planned approach to balanced assessment will offer educators the diversity of information needed to be well-informed decision makers.

Professional Learning: We can also provide informative, hands-on Professional Learning to help your team develop and implement new assessments and understand your student results. GCA facilitators have deep expertise in the areas of assessment, both formative and summative. In our professional learning sessions, we take a comprehensive view: one that keeps curriculum, instruction, and assessment in mind.

Contact us to today to discover more about partnership opportunities with GCA!