Collaborative/Cooperative Learning (Week 6)

This is the final installment of our six part series on formative assessment and the attributes that make it effective in the classroom.

Collaborative learning is a team process where students support and rely on each other to achieve a goal. It also develops team-building skills that will be beneficial later in life.

Cooperative/collaborative learning is interactive.

  • Students develop and share a common goal
  • Students contribute to the understanding of the problem
  • Students work to understand others’ questions, insights and solutions
  • Students empower others to speak and contribute
  • Students consider others’ contributions
  • Students are accountable

A classroom culture in which teachers and students are partners in learning should be created. Teachers are the key to establishing an environment where students feel that they are partners in the learning process.

I like being in a collaborative and respectful environment. When you’re in an environment spearheaded by ego and fear, it’s the death of creativity.

Darren Boyd