Cumulative Assesslets from GCA

What are Cumulative Assesslets?

Cumulative Assesslets are formative tools that provide a comprehensive view of student learning within a content area and grade level. Items on the Cumulative Assesslet are aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). These Assesslets focus on overall end-of-year expectations and can help teachers identify where students are in the learning process on a wide range of knowledge, skills, and concepts. Because more content is assessed than in GCA’s regular Assesslet program, Cumulative Assesslets contain approximately 20 to 25 items that require extended reasoning and critical thinking beyond basic recall.


In what content areas are Cumulative Assesslets available?

Cumulative Assesslets are available in grades 1 through 8 and high school in the content areas of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The Cumulative Assesslet blueprints outline the concepts and skills measured on each assesslet. Blueprints include standards assessed, item types, and depth of knowledge (DOK) for each item.


Why Cumulative Assesslets?

GCA Cumulative Assesslets are aligned to the standards assessed on the Georgia Milestones. By administering the Assesslets, teachers will have data on the skills/concepts and rigor that will be expected of students on the Milestones. In addition, the Assesslets may provide practice for students in responding to constructed and extended response items that will reflect the type of items also found on the Milestones assessments.

For those content areas and grade levels that do not have a Milestones test, GCA Cumulative Assesslets will be able to inform schools of student learning in those content areas. Districts, schools and teachers can use the data from the Cumulative Assesslets to determine what students have learned during the school year as well as areas where students need additional support.

Districts, schools and teachers may also utilize the Cumulative Assesslets as year-end final exams, summative assessments, or continue to use as a formative tool. The beauty is you have the flexibility to use the Cumulative Assesslets in a way that best fits your needs!

GCA is proud of our Assesslet program and we look forward to continuing to support schools and districts with our cumulative forms!