Do I Have Quality Assessments? Assessment Audit Solutions with GCA

Assessments can be used for many purposes, but their effectiveness must be judged by their ability to meet their intent; for formative assessment, whether they promote student learning. The aim of assessment should be “to educate and improve student performance, not merely to audit it” (Wiggins, 1998). In education, effective decision-making depends on relevant, accurate, and timely data and using it to inform curriculum, instruction and assessment, which supports student learning and achievement.

Assessment should not function in isolation, and an assessment’s effectiveness in improving student learning depends on its connection to curriculum and instruction. Assessment should reinforce best practices in instruction. In many cases, assessment represents only a portion of curriculum, without regard to instruction. This disconnect can contribute to unintended consequences in instruction and student learning.

How can I make certain my assessments “educate” and “improve student performance”?

How can I make certain my assessments do not function in isolation?

How can I make certain my assessments reinforce best practices in instruction?

Do I have the proper training to create quality assessments?

An Assessment Audit can answer these questions and you’ll be able to use the results to not only improve the quality of your assessments but also inform professional learning!

The Assessment Audit offers tools and resources to help you determine whether your assessments promote student learning:

  • Do they support critical thinking skills?
  • Do they meet universal design guidelines?
  • Are they free of bias and sensitivity issues?
  • Are they accessible to all students?
  • Are the assessments and the results reliable?
  • Do the results assist in making valid interpretations?
  • Do I have the proper training to create quality assessments, or do we need professional learning?


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