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What is District and School Connect?

District and School Connect is a comprehensive educational platform designed to meet the instructional and assessment needs of school districts and schools. From the District Office administrator to the school, teacher, student and parent, GCA’s District and School Connect supports teaching and learning.

District and School Connect provides access to GCA’s item banks. Item banks consist of several item types (e.g., selected-response, multiple-select, constructed- and extended-response) across all Georgia Standards of Excellence in grades 1 – 8 and high school EOC courses. Items include exemplars, rubrics, and rationales for applicable item types.

What features are available with this platform?

District and School Connect uses cutting-edge technology to provide features and functions other platforms are unable to deliver. Our reactive approach allows for real-time data, which allows educators to provide immediate support to students.

District and School Connect is built with a “mobilefirst” perspective. Our platform runs on any mobile device without the need for any separate application (app).

District and School Connect also provides additional features such as read aloud, plain paper scanning, custom performance levels, item authoring and management system, and publicly available activities to support districts and provide flexibility.

District and School Connect provides instant access to customer support through its live chat feature for administrators and teachers.

How can I use this platform?

District and School Connect allows for a streamlined approach for students to access assignments and results from all teachers with one login.

District and School Connect allows districts, schools, and teachers to create a variety of activities such as district benchmarks, school-wide common assessments, homework assignments, class projects, or assessments to support teaching and learning – both formative and summative.

District and School Connect is a collaborative platform that allows administrators and teachers to communicate with colleagues and share and assign activities.  Administrators and teachers can collaborate within schools, between schools, and between districts.

District and School Connect provides flexibility in reviewing and disaggregating data. Based on how the learning activity is designed, reports can focus on how students performed on each item or standard, by student demographics, or over time.

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