Introducing DSC Lite: Our new online Assesslets platform

The Georgia Center for Assessment is excited to announce our new delivery platform for Assesslets! We have always appreciated our partners who have administered Assesslets through Lennections in the past. We have been committed to listening and learning from our customers and have decided to launch our very own platform to best support the unique needs of administrators, teachers, and students. We are proud to share the culmination of this process: DSC Lite.

DSC Lite, short for District and School Connect Lite, is a more introductory version of our more robust full-featured online platform District and School Connect, and is available for administering Assesslets. DSC Lite has Assesslet items built-in and is included for free for anyone who orders Assesslets. DSC Lite has a similar look and feel our partners will be familiar with in Lennections while providing powerful new features from District and School Connect. Some of the upgrades Assesslet users can expect with DSC Lite:

For Administrators:

DSC Lite brings sweeping new changes for administrators. District or school administrators will now have much more control of how Assesslets are administered and will have a vast amount of valuable data available to them from all teachers and students using Assesslets in their schools. Administrators can drill down to teacher and student results and see real-time data on how schools, classrooms, and students are doing.

For Teachers:

DSC Lite will be very familiar to teachers already using Lennections, but with helpful new upgrades. No more access codes! Teachers will no longer have to manually enter access codes for their classrooms. Teachers will receive access to Assesslet items directly from administrators.

For Students:

Students will have no problem transitioning to DSC Lite. The new platform will be identical to the same intuitive, user-friendly layout they are comfortable using.


DSC Lite is the result of our commitment to listening and learning from our partners. DSC Lite will offer educators using Assesslets in their schools new insight into student performance and new opportunities to focus on student learning and achievement.

Want to learn more about Assesslets, DSC Lite, or District and School Connect? We are here to help! Contact us today if you have any questions:

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