Anticipating the release of the 2015 Georgia Milestones Assessments scores, GCA had the opportunity to share their expertise in formative instructional practices and assessment to support leaders in preparing their students for the 2016 Milestones at the Georgia Association of Curriculum and Instructional Supervisors (GACIS) Fall Conference. We hope that through GCA’s presentation, leaders will begin instructional conversations within their districts and schools.

Presentation Highlights: Formative instructional practice is a process for learning. Assessment development is a formal process that takes time, but should not be considered separately from instruction. Teaching and learning are most effective when the rigor of curriculum, instruction, and assessment align. Purposeful and balanced assessments will help teachers collect the most meaningful data about their students’ understanding. Not every student will solve a problem the same way. Students can learn from each other – collaboration is powerful. Student learning, motivation, and achievement can increase through formative instructional and assessment practices. Failure is a part of learning!

Dr. Barker’s presentation is available to view on our Downloads page.

As you begin to review your Milestones data, how will you think differently about formative practice in your classroom?