GCA Hosts Summer 2016 Item Development Training

GCA is excited to hold another item development training to continue expanding our item writing team! This week’s day-long training session will provide a professional learning experience that covers depth of knowledge, learning targets, and universal design. The training will also offer an opportunity for participants to practice item writing with hands-on feedback and guidance from GCA staff.

The training will take place at GCA, on Thursday, July 14, and will be facilitated by Heather Bolinger and Stephanie Lai.

We are already beginning to plan for our next item writer training session in the fall, as well. If you are interested in joining GCA’s item writing team and hearing about future opportunities, please visit our webpage and complete the Item Writer Opportunities form to sign up: http://gca.coe.uga.edu/itemdevopps/

To learn more about item development by GCA: