GCA participating in 2016 Statewide RESA Summit

The Georgia Center for Assessment’s Dr. Kevin Raczynski will be providing professional learning sessions at the 2016 Statewide RESA Summit on May 9-10.

Regional Educational Service Agency’s (RESAs), located throughout the state of Georgia, serve member school systems by sharing services designed to improve the effectiveness of educational programs. GCA has had the privilege to partner with and provide quality professional learning opportunities for multiple RESAs across the state.

The Southwest Georgia RESA will host the 2016 Statewide RESA Summit. GCA is participating as a sponsor of the event.

Dr. Raczynski will present breakout sessions on English Language Arts Literacy and on Mathematics Literacy.

These sessions will provide an overview of the role that literacy has in preparing students for open-ended questions. Dr. Raczynski’s presentations will also contain a high-level overview of the types of open-ended questions on GMAS (Georgia Milestones Assessment System) and other assessments: constructed response, extended constructed-response, and the extended writing topic.

The sessions will provide an engaging discussion of evidence-based practices in literacy instruction. Whether on assessments like the Georgia Milestones, or in life in general, a clear indicator of student achievement is the ability to read and write effectively, in a variety of contexts. For this reason, developing students’ literacy skills is one of our greatest opportunities.

We are excited for this special opportunity to continue to work with, and meet with new members from Georgia’s RESAs, and are thankful to the Southwest Georgia RESA for hosting this gathering!

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