GCA’s Jeff Barker and Kay Elder to Present Session at GACIS Fall Conference

We are proud to announce that GCA’s Jeff Barker and Kay Elder will be presenting a breakout session at this year’s GACIS Fall Conference. Their presentation will be about preparing for the new Georgia Standards in science. Below is a description of their session:

GCA has been thinking about new Science Standards, have you?

With the implementation of the new Georgia Standards of Excellence for Science in Georgia classrooms in fall 2017, what are the questions leaders and teachers should ask to ensure curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices are aligned? What actions follow as leaders and teachers think about what is required of students to demonstrate mastery of the new standards? And how will mastery be measured?

Join us as we explore the shifts in the standards and the next steps needed as you review your assessment strategies and use of assessment results.

The GACIS Fall Conference will take place in Athens, Georgia, September 28-29.

About GACIS:

The Georgia Association of Curriculum and Instructional Supervisors (GACIS) is a professional organization for persons working in the field of curriculum development and instructional supervision. GACIS promotes cooperative relations with and maintains direct contact with the Georgia Department of Education, Georgia General Assembly, teacher education institutions of the state and other educational organizations and agencies that impact public education. GACIS is one of the six affiliate organizations of the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL).