Giving Back on Career Day

Above: GCA’s Roggie Boone sharing exciting information about astrophysics with the students of Social Circle Elementary School

GCA has a staff of talented individuals, many with backgrounds in unique fields outside their current titles and job responsibilities. When the Walton County Development Authority posted an inquiry seeking someone with a background in astrophysics to participate in Career Day at a local elementary school, GCA’s Roggie Boone raised his hand to help.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Social Circle Elementary School were very interested in space careers, and Roggie was the perfect person to educate and inspire the students. By day, Roggie is GCA’s Assistant Director of Technology and Programming, but he also has an interesting background. Having earned advanced degrees in physics and astronomy along with extensive research he conducted in the field of astrophysics, space is a topic Roggie knows very well.

During his presentation, Roggie shared various space careers that the students could explore from engineering and science to computer programming and artistry. He even shared his own experiences studying astronomy and using telescopes all over the world! As expected, the students had many questions, and Roggie was happy to answer them as he wrapped up his exciting visit to Social Circle Elementary.

GCA believes in giving back to the community and is proud to have staff that volunteers their time and expertise to help others!