How GCA’s New Form 2 ELA Assesslets Can Support Your Students’ Learning

UPDATE: To provide consistency throughout our Assesslet Program, the original ELA Forms will now be referred to as Form A (noted in this blog as Form 1).  The new ELA forms that will be operational in August of 2019 will be referred to as Form B (noted in this blog as Form 2).

Since the Georgia Center for Assessment first launched our Form 1 English Language Arts (ELA) Assesslets, we have been actively listening to our partners – educators from across the state of Georgia – share their experiences. Incorporating that valuable feedback, we have developed new Form 2 English Language Arts Assesslets, which will serve as a companion  to Form 1 as well as offer multiple new opportunities to assess students in all three writing genres (opinion/argumentative, informational, narrative) and more reading comprehension standards within a school year.

Just like our current offerings, the new Form 2 ELA Assesslets will be aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence and will be available in grades 1-8 and grades 9 and 11. In addition to reading standards, each Assesslet measures students’ ability in specific genres of writing. Assesslets are promptly scored by GCA’s experienced evaluators. Our Scoring and Reporting team provides teachers with specific feedback for each student response and saves educators’ valuable classroom time.

How can I use these new Form 2 ELA Assesslets?

There are multiple ways you can take advantage of our new ELA Assesslets.

These assessments can be useful tools for teachers to evaluate their students’ level of understanding at different times of the year. Assesslets provide a quick “snapshot” of student learning and are administered in one class period. Schools and districts have the ability to administer the Assesslets as benchmarks. The new Form 2 ELA Assesslets can be used in conjunction with our current Form 1 ELA Assesslets as multiple measures throughout the school year (e.g., assess in fall and then again in spring). In the fall, one form can determine where students are in their learning toward mastery and in the spring, the second form can help determine where students are in their learning after targeted instruction/remediation has occurred based on results from the fall.

Whether you have administered our current ELA Assesslets before or if you are diving into the Assesslet experience for the first time, these new forms offer fresh learning opportunities for your students!

Our new ELA Assesslets can be ordered now and will be available to administer in the fall.