Kevin Raczynski to present at International Objective Measurement Workshop

On April 11, 2018, Kevin Raczynski will present research at the International Objective Measurement Workshop (IOMW) in New York, NY. The IOMW is an event which seeks to foster discussion and scholarship on measurement practices and features workshops education professionals from around the world.

Addressing Scoring Challenges in a New Era of Integrated Writing Assessments

The focus of the research is on a professional learning module that he and colleagues at the Georgia Center for Assessment and UGA’s College of Education developed. The online module provides educators with professional learning on scoring text-dependent essays (i.e., essays that require students to incorporate information from provided texts within their essays). There are two versions of the module: one provides information about a specific scoring challenge associated with text-dependent essays that has been described in the writing assessment research literature. The other version of the module does not provide this information. A random half of the educators completed one module; the other random half completed the other. 

Dr. Raczynski and colleagues plan to use the results from the study to advance developments in online professional learning modules related to scoring text-dependent writing.