Meet Our Team: Get to Know GCA’s Dr. Stephanie Lai

GCA recently announced the development of new Form 2 English Language Arts Assesslets and how they can be used to further support student learning. With the introduction of this second form comes hard work and expertise to drive its launch. While there were many who were instrumental in bringing this project to fruition, one GCA staff member took the lead – Dr. Stephanie Lai, Assistant Director of Content and Assessment Development. Stephanie leads item and assessment development for the content areas of English Language Arts (ELA) and Social Studies (SS) and is a key contributor of the dynamic Item Development Team at GCA.

With formal training in educational psychology and measurement, Stephanie has a solid foundation for creating sound assessments. Prior to moving to Georgia, Stephanie earned a B.S. in Psychology with a concentration in Cognition, and a M.A. in Educational Psychology from The University of Florida. Stephanie relocated to Georgia to begin her studies for the doctoral program at the University of Georgia where she earned a Ph.D., also in educational psychology. Her journey with GCA first began in January 2011 when she was hired as a Reading Content Specialist for the CRCT-M program.

Overseeing GCA’s formative assessment products, Assesslets, requires a great deal of manpower. From supervising content and assessment creation to operations and marketing efforts, Stephanie’s work is a crucial part of GCA’s success. She credits a large part of her division’s success to the recruitment and training of quality item writers – subject matter experts, many of whom are Georgia educators. Stephanie believes educators in the field have the expertise and experience with curriculum and is proud that GCA utilizes current and former educators throughout the development process.

What Stephanie enjoys most about the important work she does at GCA is that it affords her the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders including classroom teachers, schools and districts, and state departments of education. When she is not working, Stephanie enjoys traveling, eating good food, and immersing herself into cultures all over the world!