GCA Welcomes Mitzy Velazco as new Administrative Manager

The Georgia Center for Assessment is proud to welcome Mitzy Velazco, M.S. to our team! Mitzy joins GCA as our new administrative manager and brings with her a strong background of business experience.

Mitzy is hard at work evaluating and improving GCA processes and is essential in managing GCA’s ordering and billing methods. Mitzy believes that efficiency is a key component to our ability to swiftly and effectively serve and meet the needs of our partners.

Mitzy is a UGA alumnus, having studied International Business at the University of Georgia, and she received her Master’s Degree in Communication from Purdue University.

Fun facts about Mitzy:

  • Previously worked behind the scenes for a major television news network in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Is passionate about photography
  • Has collected scarves from across the world