New for Fall 2018  – Plain Paper Scanning for Assesslets!

Beginning this fall, schools will have the ability to print their own paper Assesslets in-house, then upload the student responses using a document camera or webcam. Just a few of the benefits of our new system:

  • Save time and money on shipping!
  • Enjoy a quicker turnaround for your student results!
  • Take advantage of the same robust reporting features as our online administration!
  • School administrators can see reporting across their entire school!
  • System administrators can see reporting across all of their schools!

This new plain paper option brings the robust features of District and School Connect and DS Connect Lite to our paper Assesslet customers for the 2018-19 school year.

Our new plain paper scanning process for Assesslets takes the place of paper administration Assesslets. GCA will no longer ship pre-printed materials for paper Assesslet administration.


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