What is Lennections?

The Georgia Center for Assessment is proud to announce the ability to administer our formative assessment program, Assesslets, via an online platform. Students can access Assesslets on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even phones! GCA has partnered with Lennections™ to provide an experience that is both student friendly and innovative, and provides a quick turnaround of results. Lennections™ is an instructional software platform specifically designed for students, teachers, and parents. Teachers can administer Assesslets completely online in their classrooms and receive professional scoring and feedback by GCA directly through the online platform.

Student Experience

What are the Benefits of Online Administration?

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  • Students are more engaged and feel less stressed.
  • Students are digital natives and are comfortable in online settings.
  • Students receive assessment results and feedback quickly.
  • Promotes positive attitudes in learners when assessments are interesting.
  • Students are not required to have assessment supplies and materials (bubble sheets, essay booklets, or #2 pencils).
  • Special Education and English Learner students often perform better in an online setting.


  • There are many ways online assessment can preserve teachers’ planning and instructional time:
  • Online assessments are scored instantly.
  • Students can complete online assessments in less time than it takes to complete written assessments.
  • Teachers have fewer administrative duties (counting and collecting assessments, passing out materials, packing materials, etc.).
  • No more trips to the copier!


  • Eliminate the need to gather the response forms and then score by hand, or enter the responses into a software program for scoring.
  • Online assessments can be taken at any time and from anywhere, and you can access the results in the same fashion.
  • An online assessment provides more flexibility and consistency in the presentation of content.
  • Online assessments offer immediate results.
  • Eliminate handling paperwork or waiting for assessments to be scored.
  • There is no risk that the assessment results have been damaged or lost.
  • Electronically-collected data allows for expedited analysis of performance data.
  • Online assessments are more cost effective!

What is included in an online Assesslet order?

  • Student Forms for Assesslets assessment items including selected-response, constructed-response, and extended-response, as well as performance tasks. There are a variety of assessments based upon the content area and instructional coverage. Student Forms for Cumulative Assesslets include 20-25 assessment items.
  • Teacher Administration and Resource Guides including detailed keys, distractor rationales, rubrics, exemplars and suggested instructional strategies.
  • Scoring services provided by GCA evaluators with years of experience scoring high-stakes Georgia assessments.
  • Results can be accessed within 6 business days after the administration window has closed.  Results are provided via Lennections in the form of an enhanced data file including instructional comment codes.  Individual student results are released as soon as the scoring process has been completed.

Technical Specification Requirements

Recommended Browsers

Lennections aims for every user to have the best possible user experience. Since Lennections utilizes the newest technology available the latest versions of modern browsers are required. With the number of different operating systems and browser versions, it becomes difficult to ensure every possible configuration will share the same user experience. In an effort to reduce possible technical issues, Lennections identifies the following as supported internet browsers:

  • Chrome (recommended)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox (not supported on Mac)
  • Internet Explorer

Lennections Mobile Web

Lennections is accessible on web enabled devices through the device web browser that supports HTML5 functionality. Lennections provides the same experience whether you are on a mobile device or desktop/laptop. There is no need to download an App. With the number of different mobile devices, it becomes difficult to ensure every possible configuration will share the same user experience. In an effort to reduce possible technical issues, Lennections supports the following mobile operating system using the device’s default browser:

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile

View minimum technical specification requirements document:

Tech Specs

Quick Start Guides

Step 1

Access Codes for GCA Assesslets

Step 2

Classes and Student Set Up Guide

Step 3

Assigning GCA Activities

How can I order Assesslets?

How do I find additional information regarding the Assesslets?

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