Professional Learning in 2017-18 (Part 2): Better Tools, Better Evidence: Fine-Tuning Your Classroom Assessments

Building a high-quality classroom assessment is part science, part art form. Most educators have at least some experience deconstructing standards to identify learning targets. Most are familiar with depth of knowledge and Universal Design concepts. And most regularly ask themselves what is the purpose of this assessment? Yet even seasoned practitioners are constantly honing their craft in these areas.

GCA’s professional learning session – Better Tools, Better Evidence – Fine-Tuning Your Classroom Assessments – provides an applied forum for educators to do exactly that. Educators bring their own classroom assessments to the session for fine-tuning.

The session begins with a refresher on the science behind assessment development: Concepts including deconstructing standards, depth of knowledge, and Universal Design principles.

Most of the session, however, focuses on the art form of assessment development: Educators applying these concepts to fine-tune their own classroom assessments. Within a supportive environment, participants share a sample of the questions they’ve fine-tuned and receive feedback from fellow educators and the GCA professional learning team. After the session, the supportive community continues, as participants can access a trio of related webinars and continue the dialogue via Twitter.

What can participants expect from this session?


Participants can expect to develop a deeper understanding of implementing best practices in assessment development to their own classroom assessment. The result of this deeper understanding is fine-tuned assessments: Those that provide valid, reliable information about student understanding and next instructional steps.

Further, participants can expect ongoing support from fellow educators and the GCA professional learning team through a series of free related webinars and through use of the Twitter hashtag #bettertoolsbetterevidenceGCA.


This article is the second of three blog posts highlighting new Professional Learning opportunities with GCA in 2017-18. The session on the new Georgia Standards of Excellence in Science and Social Studies was the first piece in the series. The next blog post will focus on other sessions coming this year. Look for these within the next few weeks!

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