Approaching Section 1 of Georgia Milestones with Confidence

Your students are superstars in the classroom, but what about during assessments? More specifically, what about Section 1 of Georgia Milestones? How do they best approach this section? 

Section 1 is unique:  text-dependent questions, including the extended writing prompt, with limited time and unfamiliar reading passages.   

This may present a challenge for students, but we can help! 

Georgia Center for Assessment (GCA) designed this 3-hour professional learning session with you in mind. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to learn concrete, logical strategies you can teach your students so they can approach this section like the true superstars they are! 

During the session, we will explore the following topics in-depth: 

  • How can students read the paired passages with greater purpose? 
  • How can students plan and manage their time appropriately on Section 1? 
  • How can students incorporate relevant evidence from the passages? 

Let GCA’s professional learning team help you develop practical approaches in preparing your students for success on Section 1! 

Limited sessions are available. Contact us today!

GCA Facilitators 

Kevin Raczynski, Ph.D. – Kevin is the Assistant Director of Professional Learning at GCA. He works with K-12 students and teachers alike on text-dependent writingKevin has taught reading and writing for over 15 years, in the English Department at the University of Georgia (2003-2005), and with K-12 students across Georgia in his role at GCA (2005 – present). Kevin also has ample experience with state writing assessments, which he has studied from 2001 to the present. 

Julie Bazemore, Ph.D. – Julie is a member of the Professional Learning team at GCA. Prior to joining GCA, Julie taught English and was a teacher leader in Georgia public schools for 29 years and so brings a wealth of instructional experience to this session.