The Georgia Center for Assessment provides customized scoring services to schools and districts, including large scale high stakes assessments, not just in Georgia, but across the country.

Our Experience

From small to large scale projects, GCA is here to help! For over twenty-five years, the Georgia Center for Assessment has been a reliable source for hand-scoring performance-based tasks from all core content areas. We have worked directly with clients, including Departments of Education, individual schools and districts, as well as private corporations, managing every phase of hand-scoring projects of varying sizes and scopes.

From small-scale formative assessments of just 500 responses, to large-scale summative assessments with over a million responses, we have a wide-range of experience in every part of the assessment process. This wealth of experience allows our team to organize scoring projects quickly and efficiently and we take special pride in our ability to produce high-quality training materials that exceed industry standards.

Even though you could say we wrote the book on performance-based scoring (Assessing Performance: Designing, Scoring, and Validating Performance Tasks, 2008), we are continually seeking to improve, integrating cutting-edge technology and research to our processes. Through our close partnership with the team at OSCAR, an online scoring and reporting platform, we are able to leverage the expertise of an educational technology company focused solely on scoring. Additionally, we are familiar with several other existing platforms available in the market and adapt our approach based on the individual needs of the customer.

Working with Us

Our staff includes both scoring and content expertise as well as academic professionals to ensure our processes align with best practices. Our scoring directors and raters have experience working on a multitude of different scoring platforms and can adapt easily.

We strive to deliver only the highest quality results and our project managers and scoring directors employ a large range of measurement tools and quality assurance checks that provide real-time scoring performance feedback and correction as well as easy-to-read reports to keep you updated on a project’s progress.

Once a project is complete, we can produce performance data in a variety of formats as well as produce customizable reports to partners and clients.

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The Georgia Center for Assessment is available to provide flexible, customized solutions, at the capacity you need to fulfill the objectives of both short and long-term assessment projects in all content areas. Contact us today to learn more about Scoring and Reporting services from GCA.

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