How Can ELA Assesslets Build Student Reading And Writing?

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Teachers at Opportunity Elementary School wanted to find interesting and creative ways to build student skills in reading and writing in first and second grade classrooms. These educators used Assesslets from GCA as a tool to guide instruction and to identify and improve student skills.

Teachers at Opportunity Elementary found creative ways to use Assesslets in their classrooms. They understood that Assesslets could be used as instructional tools to help students understand how to work through reading passages and writing prompts.

  • Ms. Golden used Assesslets in her first-grade classroom as a group reading activity. Her students read together in small groups as she led guided reading lessons. Her students then worked together writing a group response to the constructed- and extend-response items.
  • Mr. Green, in his classroom of second graders, broke down the Assesslet into mini lessons to teach how to read the passage using guided reading questions. He was able to teach his students specific skills, such as how to plan and how to respond to constructed- and extended-response items.

These educators used Assesslets to formatively assess student progress. After completing each step of the mini lessons, they assigned students a related independent activity. Teachers can repeat the mini lesson as needed to reinforce and reteach skills.

Ms. Golden, Mr. Green, and their colleagues at Opportunity Elementary also took advantage of the option that Assesslets can be used as a summative tool, in addition to a formative tool, to gauge individual student progress after working on reading and writing skills over a period of time. This way, they could see how their students’ learning progressed throughout the school year.

What are ELA Assesslets?

Assesslets include a reading passage, or passages, developed within the grade-level Lexile range to support reading and comprehension and meet instructional needs. Assesslets feature five reading-comprehension questions to assess student understanding of the reading passages. Features of Assesslets include:

  • Embedded Images – These images add interest and help students comprehend the information provided in the reading passage(s).
  • Grade-Appropriate Topics – Topics appropriate for grades 1 and 2 are selected to ensure that students can make connections to the text. Some passages use grade-level science or social studies topics to further enhance understanding.
  • Constructed- and Extended-Response Items – These items help build writing skills to prepare students for future grade-level expectations. Prompts could be used for group writings or for individual responses.
  • Optional Tools – Optional tools, such highlighting, are available for use within the Assesslets to help students develop skills necessary for using online tools.
  • Accessibility – Items on the Assesslets come with a read-aloud option, which gives beginning readers additional support when reading the item text.

Visit our Assesslets webpage to discover how you can use Assesslets to improve your students’ reading and writing skills!