We commit to create transparency in our business practices in a responsible manner to reach the highest possible results for our clients and employees. In order to efficiently and effectively use resources and to improve the success of GCA, we will:

  • Be responsible at all levels for the timely delivery of services and projects 
  • Embrace constructive change as an opportunity for continuous improvement 
  • Celebrate success and see failure as an opportunity for growth 

We deliver exceptional service and support in a professional, timely, and courteous manner. To continuously pursue excellence in meeting the needs and expectations of those that we serve, we will:

  • Appreciate and celebrate the impact our organization has on learning and achievement 
  • Endeavor to understand the needs of our customers and clients as we work hard to deliver services that meet those needs 
  • Communicate an eagerness to serve our customers and solve problems  

We build an environment that welcomes and values differences in our workplace and in our relationships with the people we serve. To this end, we will:

  • Empower everyone in GCA to make the decisions and take the necessary actions to perform their jobs in support of the established GCA strategic plans and processes 
  • Foster an environment of employee involvement and ownership in the organization 
  • Work constructively together and openly share information 

We create and foster transformative processes and solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers and the market. In order to remain competitive, we will:

  • Value change 
  • Embrace new ideas and concepts 
  • Reject the status quo and take risks

We demonstrate high ethical values to earn the trust, confidence, and respect of one another and the public. In order to develop individual accountability, we will:

  • Assume responsibility for own actions 
  • Communicate openly, honestly, and constructively 
  • Build trust by understanding, supporting, and sharing organizational decisions