District and School Connect (DSC) is a comprehensive educational platform designed to meet the instructional and assessment needs of schools and districts. From the district administrator to the school, teacher, student and parent, GCA’s District and School Connect supports teaching and student learning and achievement. Current customers, click the button below to sign into District and School Connect.

Why should I use District and School Connect?

  • District and School Connect provides access to GCA’s item banks. Item banks consist of several item types (e.g., selected-response, multi-select, constructed- and extended-response) across all Georgia Standards of Excellence in grades 1 – 8 and high school EOC courses.
  • Summary reports are available to students and parents. Based on how the learning activity is designed, reports may focus on how students performed on each item or how students performed on each standard assessed.
  • For schools and districts, a complete item analysis is available for deeper understanding about how students are performing on each item. Item data is aggregated at the class, teacher, school, and district levels. Teachers can analyze individual student responses for a class to quickly identify areas of concerns or possible misconceptions. This feature will help teachers focus and guide instruction to support student learning.
  • District and School Connect is a collaborative platform that allows administrators and teachers to communicate with colleagues and share and assign learning activities.
  • District and School Connect uses cutting-edge technology to provide features and functions other platforms are unable to deliver. Our reactive approach allows for real-time data, which allows educators to provide immediate support to students.
  • District and School Connect is built with a “mobile-first” perspective. This platform runs on any mobile device’s web browser without the need for any separate application (app).
  • For districts and schools, every item or activity in District and School Connect can be associated with an educational standard. Standards are pre-loaded in the platform. After administration, reports allow you to view performance for all standards associated with items on an activity.

How can I use District and School Connect?

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District Perspective

District administrators can create a variety of instructional learning activities that are easily shared with schools and teachers. Common activity creation and administration is streamlined to maximize time. Schools, teachers, and students receive instant feedback. Professionally created activities can also be purchased and seamlessly integrated into the platform.

District personnel can “drill down” to the school, teacher, and student levels to access data and monitor progress. Reporting is aggregated up to the district level with comparative levels at the school, teacher, and class level.

School Perspective

School administrators have all the same benefits and functionality as the district but functionality is limited to a school. Local learning activities and assessments can be shared with teachers and students with one click of a button! School administrators can access data at the teacher, class, and student level to support instruction and monitor progress.

School-level reports allow for data to drive sound decision making for the implementation of instructional resources and professional development.

Teacher Perspective

Teachers have individual accounts for the creation of learning activities to use in their classroom. Teachers can create a variety of activities such as homework assignments, class projects, or assessments to support teaching and learning – both formative and summative.

Teachers can upload materials they already have or collaborate with other teachers to create learning activities designed to meet the needs of their students. Whether a class assignment or school assessment, teachers will receive immediate feedback to monitor student learning and achievement.

For every learning activity, teachers instantly have access to “real-time” results, which allows teachers to better understand and address the academic needs of the class as well as the individual student. With consistent and timely feedback, teachers will effectively plan data-driven lessons, organize skill-based flexible groups, assist individual students, and effectively target teaching and learning.

Parent Perspective

Parents can log into their child’s account using any internet-supported device. All communication between parent, student, and teacher becomes fluid. Parents will have access to the same learning activities used in the classroom. Parents can also have open access to student results, which provides parents vital information to support their child at home.

Student Perspective

Each student has an individual account that he or she can log into using any internet-supported device. All learning activities and results are easily accessible. Scored learning activities become part of an online student profile, providing a great source of information for students to review. Immediate results keep students up-to-date on their academic progress.

Students naturally build both computer skills and endurance required for online testing success, but more importantly, they learn! Teachers are better informed about student progress and can tailor instruction to meet the needs of the individual student. Student responses can be viewed in real-time, which helps teachers provide immediate support in the student’s learning.

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