ELA Assesslets are provided in grades 1-8 and in high school Ninth Grade Literature and American Literature courses. Assesslets are available in Informational, Opinion/Argument, and Narrative writing genres. Beginning in fall 2019, GCA will offer two forms for each ELA Assesslet.

Informational and Opinion/Argument Assesslets include:

  • Paired reading passages and documents
  • 3 selected-response items
  • 1 constructed-response item
  • 1 extended writing-response item

Narrative Assesslets include:

  • One reading passage, either literary or informational
  • 3 selected-response items
  • 1 constructed-response item
  • 1 extended constructed-response item

The selected-response and constructed-response items are presented to help students think about the passages in a way that prepares them to respond effectively to the writing prompt. The rigor of the Assesslets mirrors that of state summative assessments in English Language Arts. The Assesslets are designed to provide valuable information of student learning and can be administered in one class period.

ELA Assesslets Form B

GCA’s current ELA Assesslets (i.e., Form A) have been utilized in schools and districts for the last three years. After hearing demand from the field, asking for more writing prompts, GCA developed a second form for all three writing genres – opinion/argumentative, informational, and narrative. Two forms (Form A and Form B) are now available for all ELA Assesslets. This provides schools and districts multiple opportunities in one school year to assess all three writing genres in grades 1-8 and in high school courses of Ninth Grade Literature and American Literature.

Assesslet Samples

Items on Assesslets can either be selected-response, constructed-response, extended constructed-response, or extended writing-response. For each item type, there are sample items for grades 1-2, grades 3-5, and middle/high school.

Selected-Response (SR)

A selected-response item, sometimes called a multiple-choice item, is defined as a question followed by several answer choices. The incorrect choices, called distractors, usually reflect common errors. The student’s task is to choose the best answer to the question. The selected-response items for grades 1 and 2 have three answer choices and four answer choices for grades 3-HS.

Constructed-Response (CR)

A constructed-response item asks the student to provide a response that he or she constructs on his or her own, rather than selecting from choices provided. Constructed-response items are worth two points. Partial credit may be awarded if part of the response is correct.

Extended Constructed-Response (ECR) Items

An extended constructed-response item is an open-ended item which asks students to write narratives and are scored using a rubric. Extended constructed-response items are worth four points.

Extended Writing-Response (EWR) Items

An extended writing-response item is an open-ended item which asks students to write text-based informative/explanatory or opinion/argumentative and are scored using a rubric. Extended writing-response items are worth seven points.

For more details about each Assesslet, including the standards assessed and the rigor of each item, check out Assesslet Blueprints below.

Assesslet Blueprints

Assesslet blueprints outline the concepts and skills measured on an assessment. For GCA’s Assesslets, blueprints include standards assessed, item type, and depth of knowledge (DOK) for each item.

How do I find additional information regarding the Assesslets?

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