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Flexible and Affordable: New English Language Arts (ELA) Assesslets and Professional Learning Bundles Available Now!

By July 20, 2020 July 24th, 2020 No Comments

We are excited to announce that starting this fall, the Georgia Center for Assessment will be offering options for ELA Assesslets and Professional Learning Bundles. We want to help teachers and students get the most out of an Assesslet experience, whether they are learning in a classroom or remotely.

Through this option, GCA can provide support before and after an Assesslet administration so educators can most effectively utilize the data and feedback from Assesslets in their formative practice. Assesslet bundles are flexible based on client needs. Bundling Assesslets with professional learning provides the opportunity for a reduced Assesslet per-student cost.

Professional Learning Sessions

What is the focus of the Before Professional Learning session?

Teaching writing is difficult! Especially when it is text-dependent writing (writing based on reading). Professional learning before an Assesslet administration focuses on ensuring the writing instruction is a good match for the rigorous expectations the Assesslets (and similar extended-writing activities) require.

Prior to the professional learning, GCA will share a sequence of lessons that build students’ familiarity with extended-writing, in a specific genre. The lesson sequences were informed by work GCA has done with thousands of students in grades 3-12. The sequences include five lessons, which scaffold student learning toward the extended-writing topic.

  • Lesson 1: Reading the passage(s)/checking for comprehension
  • Lesson 2: Planning/pre-writing for the short constructed-response question
  • Lesson 3: Writing the constructed-response
  • Lesson 4: Planning/pre-writing for the extended writing topic
  • Lesson 5: Responding to the extended writing topic

During the professional learning, teachers practice teaching these five lessons with GCA before bringing them into their classrooms. Built with the rigor of the Assesslets (and other extended-writing activities) in mind, the lessons build more than students’ skill in extended-writing. The lessons also help students set clear goals and self-regulate so they can approach any extended-writing activity with greater confidence. These lessons can be delivered face-to-face or remotely.

What is the focus of the After Professional Learning session?

Professional learning following an Assesslet administration helps educators make connections with the data and answer questions like “Now what?” or “What next?” These sessions provide perspective on:

  • Identifying trends in class, school, and district data
  • Understanding scores and providing appropriate feedback based on the scores

This perspective helps educators use data effectively to make practical decisions on instructional next steps.

Bundle Options

We are offering two bundles:

  1. Professional Learning Before AND After Assesslet Administration and administration of the ELA Assesslet
  2. Professional Learning Before OR After Assesslet Administration and administration of the ELA Assesslet

Bundle Pricing

Assesslets with professional learning bundles provide the opportunity for a reduced Assesslet per-student cost.

Assesslet Cost

  • Option 1: Bundling Before AND After PL with Assesslet Administration = $3.40 per Assesslet
  • Option 2: Bundling Before OR After PL with Assesslet Administration = $3.55 per Assesslet

Professional Learning
Related professional learning, which is not included in the price of Assesslets, is priced on hourly basis and will be detailed in a custom proposal that outlines the services to be provided.

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