The Georgia Center for Assessment (GCA), formerly known as Test Scoring and Reporting Services (TSARS), was founded in 1984 in Athens, Georgia. The organization began with the scoring of a large-scale state assessment for Reading and Mathematics. As TSARS grew, the organization acquired several assessment scoring projects, some with the state Department of Education. In response to demand for more offerings, TSARS began to branch out from scoring, launching services such as professional learning and assessment development.

In the early 2000s, TSARS changed its name to the Georgia Center for Assessment in order to better reflect the new range of services available. For over three decades, GCA has designed and managed multiple assessments. Since 1988, GCA has been involved with extended response language arts scoring and participated in the redevelopment of the Georgia Department of Education writing assessments. From 2005 to 2007, GCA participated in redevelopment initiatives that aligned assessments with the Georgia Performance Standards, bringing unity across grade levels. In 2010, a partnership with the largest school district in Georgia resulted in the acquisition of multiple scoring administration projects where GCA handled all aspects of training, scoring, and reporting.

As part of the College of Education at the University of Georgia, GCA continues to offer customized scoring services, including large scale, high-stakes assessments for clients all over the country. Also, GCA now offers custom test creation and development, an online teaching and learning platform, facilitation, range finding, data and item review, bias and sensitivity review, alignment studies, data analysis, psychometrics, evaluation services, and formative assessment tools. Located at the University of Georgia, GCA has offices at the Athens and Gwinnett campuses.