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New features coming to
District and School Connect for 2020-21

By July 28, 2020 January 14th, 2021 No Comments

No matter how your instructional model looks this fall, GCA is here to support you! We are proud to announce all new features coming to our District and School Connect platform for the 2020-21 school year. Many of these features are also available to Assesslet clients. This added functionality will make it even easier for teachers to effectively engage with their students, in the classroom and from home!

For District and School Connect Premium clients we have the following exclusive feature:

Auto-Generate Activity Builder

This feature allows users to quickly build an activity from the GCA item banks by adding a select number of student actions by standard, DOK level, item type, or reading passage. This saves significant time when creating any type of formative activity with just a click of a button!

For both Assesslet clients and District and School Connect Premium clients, we have these new features:

Secure Responder

Using our Secure Responder will prevent students from exiting activities and accessing additional browser tabs. If a student closes their activity or attempts to click outside of the secure responder, the student is immediately locked out of the activity. Teachers and administrators can remotely unlock a student’s activity by entering their username and password into the student’s account.


Depending on grade level, the calculator tool can be turned on for specific items or activities. Choose between a basic or scientific calculator or hide the tool from the students.

Text Highlighter

Students can select and highlight text in passages using multiple highlighter colors. Students can also hide text and remove highlighting.

Text Zoom

Students can enlarge text in items or passages by clicking on the Zoom + icon. This feature allows students to enlarge text up to 150%.

High Contrast View

This feature allows selected students the choice of viewing items and passages with or without a high contrast view. The high contrast view displays light text on a dark background.

Strike Through

Students have the ability to strike through item choices that they have eliminated as a correct response. Eliminated responses are temporarily hidden and can be easy restored by the student.

Live Responses Menu Item

Live Responses can now be accessed from the left side menu, allowing teachers to view a class grid displaying color-coded student responses. Teachers can quickly monitor student progress and unlock any students who have a locked secure responder (if applicable) from the Live Responses panel.

Enhanced Reports Dashboard

The reports selection menu for activities now includes a description and visual sample for each report, along with a launch button to run the report.

Contact us today to learn more or visit our District and School Connect webpage to order now!