The Georgia Center for Assessment provides customized scoring solutions to schools, districts, states, and private organizations for performance assessments that cover a wide breadth of content areas and tasks. With over 25 years of experience, we have developed high-quality processes and integrated cutting-edge technology that allows us to provide accurate results in a timely manner for projects of all shapes and sizes.

From small-scale formative assessments of just 500 responses, to large-scale summative assessments with over a million responses, we have a wide range of experience in every part of the scoring process. This wealth of experience allows our team to organize scoring projects quickly and efficiently and we take special pride in our ability to produce high-quality training materials that exceed industry standards.


25+ years and millions of responses scored

For over two decades, GCA has designed and managed multiple assessments, including performance assessment programs. These programs have utilized item and assessment development, rater training and scoring, and professional learning that are research-based, consistent with appropriate educational testing and scoring theories, and align with the client’s objectives.


Distributive scoring solutions ranging in scale

GCA is agile and able to score within various platforms based on the customer’s needs.

If customers are looking for a comprehensive approach to scoring projects, GCA’s partnership with MZ Development is a viable option. Through this partnership, GCA scoring teams have provided input to create a scoring platform that allows us to streamline the scoring process and expedite results.

Quality Assurance

360 degree approach to scoring, utilizing best practices

Quality assurance is the process used to confirm that students are receiving the most accurate scores possible. Quality assurance begins in training and is continued throughout the scoring process.

Our staff includes both scoring and content expertise as well as academic professionals to guarantee our processes align with best practices.

GCA project managers and scoring directors ensure that measurement tools and quality assurance checks provide real-time scoring performance feedback and correction.

GCA has supported a variety of scoring projects with varying rubrics and scoring expectations. Based on experience and extensive knowledge of scoring best practices, our team will provide customized scoring options to clients that meet the needs of their assessment while considering the budget.
We have experience developing rubrics to fit both formative and summative needs in all core subject areas. With familiarity on all aspects of the development and scoring process, our team will develop objective scoring rules that provide consistent guidance and balance the needs of assessment stakeholders.
Range-finding is meant to identify responses that demonstrate the entire range of the rubric’s score scale, the wide variety of types of responses that will been seen in live scoring, and responses that demonstrate atypical approaches to the writing or performance task.
An annotation is brief text that connects the criteria of rubrics to a particular score. Annotations enhance training materials and can provide actionable, instructional feedback to assessment stakeholders.
For all projects, beginning with training, raters are expected to understand the concepts of reliability and validity. Raters also receive training on the rationale for agreement and adjacency requirements. Training materials and processes related to training and scoring are developed based on the specifications of the client intertwined with recommendations from the GCA scoring team.

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